DVD’s are out – Streaming Media is in!

The classic Collector Car Restoration Videos Series is now available via steaming media.


All 9 hours of the original 6 chapters of videos have been broken down by topic into 138 segments.

Hello and welcome to the new Carestoration.com website. This site was originally setup, and still exists to promote the Collector Car Restoration Video Library. The Restoration Series was conceived back in the 1990’s by Fred and Ray Vagedes. As the former owners of "The Antique Auto Shop" in Elsmere, Kentucky, many of their restorations became national first place trophy winners. Upon their retirement after over 30 years of professional restoration experience, they wanted to share as much as their expertise they could with hobbyists who loved their cars but could not afford to have them professionally restored.


 The approximately 9 hours of videos in the Collector Car Restoration Video Library were designed to impart useful restoration tips, tricks and methods taken from the world of professional restorers and modified to fit the needs and budgets of the do-it-yourself hobbyist.


Over the years some methods and resources have changed but the basic concepts remain timeless. Since these videos were originally released  we have reacted to the ever changing distribution technology from VHS to DVD and now to streaming video and lowering the cost along the way. The videos are still the originals and we look forward to provide a forum for Car Restoration Hobbyists to provide feedback to the community on updated resources or methodologies.


All of the videos have been converted for streaming and the original 6 chapters split into short segments by topic. See the "Chapters" on left.

Click the Chapter Headings above to scan the topics in each chapter  and buy the series.